6 mistakes you should avoid while buying your bridal make up kit

Weddings come hand in hand with a lot of to-do-lists that just keeps growing. One thing that is definitely close to your heart and you never want to ignore is your bridal make-up kit. Bridal make-up kit acts as a first aid box when you experience makeup emergencies during the wedding functions. Moreover, you will need make-up essentials for your honeymoon, post wedding celebrations and what not! For that, you need a good Make-up kit keeping in mind its utility for days following the wedding. Noting down all the genuine suggestions from one of the best Indian make-up artist’s in Melbourne, we have come up with a list of things that you should always avoid while shopping for your bridal make-up kit.

best Indian make-up artist in MelbourneDon’t test Foundations/Concealers/Face powders in artificial lights Make-up stores are usually covered in artificial lights where everything looks just perfect. But before buying things, we suggest you to test the products on your skin in natural light which gives a better idea of how well the particular shade matches your skin. This will save you from bringing home the products that doesn’t work with your tones and undertones.

Don’t purchase large size products Purchasing a mega size bottle may cost less than a bunch of smaller tubes but it’s good only if you use it all. You can invest in larger sizes if you have used the same product earlier and loved way too much, but don’t go in buying big quantities for first time products. So, for new-to-you-items, start with a smaller size to make sure you like it.

Don’t try to be cost-savvy with your make-up products We often buy cheap Make-up products to save costs but end up throwing them away because they are not good at all. When it comes to makeup, invest in trusted brands because their products speak quality. Cheap products sometimes spoil the skin which you really can’t afford anytime specially during your wedding celebrations. Also, do not get attracted to the fake make-up products or the cheap dupes.

Don’t buy the entire makeup store You may want to keep entire makeup store in your kit, but we advise you should not. If you are someone who is not a professional Make-up artist, you may just require basic makeup essentials and not the entire make-up store. You can take the help of your wedding make-up artist who can guide you with all the things that should be in your make-up kit.

fancy make-up bags\casesDon’t invest huge amounts on a fancy make-up bags\cases New brides usually buy expensive makeup bags to put everything in it but we advise not to do that. Instead of spending hell lot of money on fancy Make-up bags, spend that money in buying branded make-up products. To store your make-up, you can buy cute little bags or pouches which are very handy and are easily available in different sizes.

Don’t forget to keep basic things in your make-up kit Most of the brides buy all the high-end makeup products but forget about the basic things that they need in their Make-up kit. Combs, cue-tips, cotton pads, wet-wipes, bobby pins, safety pins, make-up removers, are some of the basic things that most of the brides forget to keep in their kits.

The best way to buy a bridal make-up kit is to prepare a list of the things that you need, and then shop for the noted things to make a perfect bridal make-up kit.Make use of the above tips and get yourself the make-up kit that you will adore for life. If you seek for more hair and makeup related tips or wish to book an Indian freelance makeup artist in Melbourne, head to consult Geet from Glanz – The Studio. It is the place where you meet one of the best makeup artists and wedding hair stylists in Melbourne.

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